At SANS, we are committed to not only providing the highest quality professional accounting services we can in Chiang Mai and all around Thailand, but to finding solutions that match your Thai company’s needs. 

That is why SANS offers a variety of accounting training and software sales options for XERO and QuickBooks

So Thai companies that prefer to take care of their accounting in-house have the solutions they need.

We wouldn’t recommend anything less than what we use ourselves here at SANS, so we can attest to the ease and usability of these two powerful accounting software programs.  We want to save you money, make you money and and make your life easier.

Both Xero and QuickBooks offer cloudbased accounting solutions, allowing company directors and managers to quickly and effortlessly check in with the days metrics, payments received, invoices issued (and even get notified when they are opened), or account balances – from any device, anywhere in the world.

Moreover, you can communicate directly with your accounting team – within the platform.   Address specific questions or concerns at the source, instead of through email or messaging apps requiring long explanations and descriptions of the issue.

Don’t ever be left in the dark again, waiting for word back from your accountant.  Get realtime data on your smartphone at anytime anywhere.

The way old ways of managing the books are changing.  Receive instant account updates so you can make time sensitive business decisions – giving you the advantage you need for your Thai business to stay ahead of the competition or take advantage of new investment opportunities without delay.

Explore our XERO and QuickBooks training and software purchase packages to see if your Thai company would benefit from these solutions.  

Choose between monthly and yearly software payment plans and the option to combine your software purchase with personalized in-house training by SANS – complete with full support services from someone you know and trust.



At SANS we will not only provide you and your company with highly professional accounting services as we manage your accounts, payroll and more – but we are also committed to providing solutions.  With the necessary tools and understanding, we can assist companies that prefer to take care of all of your accounting needs – on their own.

For companies choosing to take care of their own accounting needs, SANS can assist you every step of the way by providing you individualized XERO and Quickbooks training & software purchase packages to choose from.

Check out our accounts training and software packages page to find the best combination of training, software purchase or leasing and that is the right solution for your company.


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