At SANS we can help you make the right choices for your Thai business – by providing you with all of the accounting services you need.

At SANS we can help you make the right choices for your Thai business – by providing you with all of the accounting services you need.

All of accounting services listed below can be provided on an individual customized basis or as part of a full service package.

What is BOI?

The Thailand BOI ( Board of Investments) is a Thai government agency established to promote foreign investment in Thailand through information, services and incentives.  It is however primarily the incentives that particularly interest foreign investors.  If you are interested in registering a BOI company in Thailand, let SANS help you make sense of the process.

Do I Qualify?

If you are interested in obtaining BOI status for your Thai company, the BOI provides a broad list of preferred categories of investment that are of particular interest to the Board of Investments when determining eligibility. The types of foreign investment preferred by BOI depend on a range of factors intended to increase Thailand’s competitiveness across a wide range of sectors such as R&D, Innovation, Value Creation in Agriculture, Industrial and Service Sectors and SME’s.

There are many other areas of consideration for BOI when evaluating a company’s application for BOI status such as the reduction of economic and social disparity in Thailand, environmentally friendly and sustainable growth investments as well as regional geographic promotions within the country based on local needs.  Let SANS help you evaluate your Thai company’s investment category as it applies to potentially becoming a BOI company.

Benefits of BOI Status

Achieving BOI status for a foreign company is an extremely onerous process with rigorous financial oversight once status has been obtained, but it is still highly coveted primarily for the benefits bestowed by the Board of Investments incentives program.  

The benefits you will enjoy upon obtaining BOI status are separated into two categories:

1. Tax Incentives

Tax Exemption

Exemption of corporate income tax for up to 13 years (According to activity & conditions).

Tax Reduction

50 percent reduction in corporate income tax for 5 years (only in special investment promotion zones).

Machinery Import Duty Exemption

Exemption of import duties on machinery.

Materials Import Duty Exemption

Exemption of import duties on raw or essential materials used in production for export.


Exemption of import duties on raw or essential materials used in research and development purposes.

2. Non-Tax Incentives

100% Foreign Owned

100% foreign ownership (except activities under List One annexed to the Foreign Business Act B.E 2542 (1999) or stated in other laws).

Land Ownership

Permit to own land.

Foreign Workers

Permit to bring in skilled workers and experts to work into the Kingdom.

Are You Ready For a BOI Consult?

If you think your company qualifies for BOI status, make an appointment with us for a free consultation. SANS has years of experience successfully managing the entire BOI qualification process from start to finish.

Once qualifying for BOI status, SANS is well versed in helping you to navigate the intricate accounting requirements for all BOI companies.

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    A business friend recommended me to SANS Business Services and I haven't looked back since. One aspect about SANS that achieved important results for my business was their good knowledge for contacts outside of the accountancy field: legal, visa and real estate contacts. If I were to start a new business in Thailand, I would have no better choice than continue with SANS Business Services. SANS Business Services is BETTER, CHEAPER AND FASTER! I very much recommend SANS if you would like a trusted, personal and faithful partnership for your business.

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    SANS has assisted me with the incorporation of companies, managed shares and land transfers. SANS has given excellent advice on the structuring and purchasing of land, and assisted many of my construction business clients in this area as well. Additionally, for 14 years, SANS has handled all the accounting/auditing for my 50 suite apartment block as well as my construction firm. I have no hesitation in recommending SANS for any business matters regarding company incorporation, visa/immigration, or accounting.

    Lance Bracken Lawafame Apartment Co, Ltd.

    I can highly recommend and feel extremely lucky to have come across SANS 12 years ago. Ever since the beginning Natural Agriculture has been using the services of SANS to support various processes. Foremost important is certainly accounting services as we have completely outsourced the accounting process to SANS together with the payroll and benefits management. We also make use of other services such as work permit extension, Immigration paperwork, income taxes and company creation. Basically SANS is our interface with any government dealings.Throughout all these years we have been extremely pleased with the professionalism, timeliness and accuracy of all services provided. With the support of SANS we have eliminated many headaches and have been able to concentrate more on our core values activities.

    Jacques Cavin Natural Agriculture Co. Ltd.

    I have worked in partnership with SANS for the last 4 years and they have always gone beyond the call of duty. SANS is the only business that I would trust to have access to our online banking. We entrust all payments through SANS, 90,000,000 baht to date. SANS has a great team who come to manage our payroll (140 staff) and our accounts payable payments. After 4 years you really get to know your partners and I would call SANS as our most important partner. I genuinely recommend SANS in the full knowledge that SANS will give you far more than any of their competitors.

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