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Your Business & Visa Service Solution

SANS can assist your business with a full range of services from registering a new Thai company, including Thai visa and work permit services to accounting in Chiang Mai Thailand.  

SANS Company Registration, Thai Visa Services and Accounting Chiang Mai Thailand

Thai Company Registration

Thai Visa & Work Permit Service Agents in Chiang Mai to assist you with all of your Thai Visa needs.

Thai Visas & Work Permits

About us

Chiang Mai's Most Trusted Accounting, Thai Visa & Business Services Company!

SANS is your trusted and dedicated accounting, Thai visa and business services company in Chiang Mai Thailand. From registering a new Thai company or exploring our full service Thai visa and accounting packages; including everything from accounts training & software to assistance with all Thai visas & work permits - as well as complete BOI services.  Send us a message or drop by our office in Chiang Mai.

Accurate Accounting Equals Increased Profits

SANS accounting services give you the most accurate picture of your business - so you can make all the right calls ahead of the competition.

Increase Your Profits and Reduce Taxes

We look out for you with the most professional accounting advice for your business in order to limit tax liability and increase your profits.

Sans Accounting & Thai Visa Services in Chiang Mai, Thailand

We Offer You Comprehensive Solutions for Every Type of Business - Big or Small.

Accouinting Software & Training For Your Business

We are Authorized Global Sales Representatives for Xero and Quickbooks accounting software in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Xero: the necessary tools and understanding to take care of all of your accounting needs

QuickBooks: the best accounts training and software packages that are right for your company.

Ask us about our Xero & Quickbooks accounting software sales and training in Chiang Mai and anywhere in Thailand.

Chiang Mai's Best ACCOUNTING AND Business Services Company

SANS has been proudly providing accounting, Thai visas and business service solutions in Chiang Mai, Thailand and throughout the international business community for 20 years.

Our Record of Trust

From banking and insurance to wealth management and financial securities.

Over 400+ Projects Done

From new Thai company registrations to successful BOI applications and accounting software training programs

1000+ Happy Clients

From regular corporate bookkeeping and annual audits to Thai visa and work permits.

15+ Team Experts

From banking and insurance to wealth management and securities.

Explore Solutions and Get Free Quotes

Get quotes on new Thai company registration, accounting services and Thai visa and work permit services.


    Trusted all over Thailand and Beyond

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    SANS Business Services



    SANS Business Services is BETTER, CHEAPER AND FASTER! I very much recommend SANS if you would like a trusted, personal and faithful partnership for your business.

    Marc Spits Elephant Parade

    SANS has given excellent advice on the structuring and purchasing of land, and assisted many of my construction business clients in this area as well.

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    Lance Bracken Lawafame Apartment Co, Ltd.

    With the support of SANS we have eliminated many headaches and have been able to concentrate more on our core values activities.

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    Jacques Cavin Natural Agriculture Co. Ltd.

    SANS is the only business that I would trust to have access to our online banking. We entrust all payments through SANS, 90,000,000 baht to date.

    Testimonial company logo
    Giles Fisher Shadow Flies

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