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Guardian Visa Chiang Mai

How to Get a Guardian Visa in Chiang Mai

Getting a Guardian Visa in Chiang Mai Thailand is accessible to legal guardians of a minor enrolled in an officially certified educational program in Thailand.  The Guardian Visa seems primarily designed for mixed Thai/Foreigner parents and families locating to Thailand for work.

To this point, only one Guardian Visa per enrolled child is available in Thailand.  This is easiest for parents with one Thai partner or one parent with a visa and work permit through their employer.  For parents that don’t fit into these two categories, a Guardian Visa may not solve the issue of providing both parents with a visa to live in Chiang Mai long term.

To obtain a Guardian Visa and settle in Chiang Mai, you will have to collect, collate and submit a thick pile of educational and legal documents. Alternatively, you may want to consider how much your time and mental well-being is worth.   And perhaps instead hire a Chiang Mai Thai Visa Service like SANS to take care of everything.


What to Know About Applying for Thai Guardian Visa in Chiang Mai

The Guardian Visa in Thailand is officially classified as a Non Immigrant O type visa but getting one is not unlike most other types of Thai visa.  It just takes time, patience, multiples of all of your documents and a long days at Chiang Mai Immigration.  It is not impossible, just a bit of a slog.

Here are some answers to a few of the questions you might be asking as yourself as you contemplate applying for a Non-O Guardian Visa.


Does My Child Need to Be Enrolled in a School Approved by the Thai Ministry of Education?

In order to qualify for a Guardian Visa you must enroll your child in an educational already be recognized by the Thai Ministry of Education.

  • First, inquire with the school about their status before making your initial tuition payment
  • Then request proof of enrollment on official school letterhead
  •  And also check that the school (MOE) Ministry of Education ID number is included within supporting documents


Do I Need to Show Proof of Funds to Get for a Guardian Visa in Thailand?

Providing the following financial information is necessary in order to for get a Guardian Visa.

  • Bank Statement Showing 500, 000 thb
  • Some immigration officials may accept deposits made in previous 30 day for first year
  • Also, funds may be required to exist in account 90 days prior to application in subsequent years


Can Both Parents Qualify for a Guardian Visa in Thailand with Only One Child?

Only one Thai Guardian Visa will be granted per child enrolled in an approved Thai educational program.  Two children enrolled in school will qualify both parents for Guardian Visas.


What Do I Need to Qualify for a Guardian Visa in Chiang Mai Thailand?

Here is a list of requirements you should be aware of if you are you contemplating this type of Thai visa.

  1. Completed application for a Non-O Visa visa
  2. Passport of guardian
  3. Passport of minor
  4. Signed copies of passport identity pages
  5. Approved 90 day Non-O Visa
  6. Signed copies of Thai Non-O Visa
  7. T.M. 6 arrival card
  8. T.M. 30 residency verification
  9. Resident lease agreement
  10. Signed and dated copy of Thai ID for owner of leased residence
  11. Signed and dated copy of Thai residence owner’s house registration
  12. Official letter and any supporting documents from the approved school proving enrollment of the minor
  13. Enrollment letter and documents should be on the schools official letterhead
  14. Enrollment proof should show MOE (Ministry of Education) number
  15. School documents should be signed in ink by the appropriate school representative
  16.  Minor’s birth certificate
  17. Notarized/Affidavit of Minor’s birth certificate from your consulate
  18. Lastly, get a bank statement from guardian covering at least 3 months and showing at least 500, 000 thb


However, the above list does not include the tedious process of document submissions and long waits at Chiang Mai Immigration.

To manage this process like a pro, find  affordable visa services in Chiang Mai with experience and a friendly staff as you will be working together closely as a team.


How to Apply for a Thai Guardian Visa in Chiang Mai By Yourself

Use these steps if you would like to apply for a Guardian Visa in Chiang Mai, Thailand by yourself.

  1. If you are out of the country, apply for a Non-O Visa at the Thai Embassy in your home country
  2. If you are already in Thailand, submit your Non-O Visa application to the Chiang Mai Immigration Office
  3. Enroll child in accredited educational institution in Thailand
  4. Get proof of enrollment from accredited school
  5. Obtain affidavit attesting to validity of child’s birth certificate from your consulate in Thailand
  6. Request proof of funds from your bank
  7. Include all relevant requested supporting documents indicated on the Non-O application
  8. Submit Non O application to Chiang Mai Immigration
  9. Obtain the first 90 day Non O Visa from Chiang Mai immigration
  10. Complete application for the final 1-year Non-O Guardian Visa
  11. Include all relevant requested supporting documents indicated on the Non-O Guardian application
  12. Provide application to Chiang Mai Immigration Office
  13. Return to the Chiang Mai Immigration Office every three months for 90 day check-in


How to Get a Non-O Guardian Visa in Chiang Mai with SANS

  1. Request Guardian Visa Services from SANS Chiang Mai
  2. Provide SANS with the requested documents
  3. Live your life as SANS does the rest


Curious about out how a SANS Visa Services Chiang Mai can help you get your Guardian Visa while avoiding all of the nonsense?  Contact us and ask us to tell you more.


Other ways SANS Chiang Mai Visa Service Can Help


If you have any new information, ideas or insights into getting a Guardian Visa in Thailand and would like to contact SANS, please don’t hesitate.

To learn more about out our Chiang Mai Visa Assistance Services or ask about our Accounting & Business Services, please send us a message.









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