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Thai Marriage Visa

How to Get a Marriage Visa in Chiang Mai

The first thing you should know as you begin your research into getting a Thai Marriage Visa in Chiang Mai is that the official classification of this Thai visa type is Non-Immigrant O or Non-O for short.  This Thai visa is for foreign nationals who are legally married to a Thai national and wish to remain in Thailand.

The process can be daunting if you are unfamiliar with Thai Immigration bureaucracy surrounding visas but is completely doable if you are genuinely married, can meet all of the legal requirements and are willing to patiently take the necessary steps to complete the process.

To successfully apply for a Thai marriage visa and live in Chiang Mai, it is best to do your homework, and we’d like to help. And if you have the resources and want to save yourself the trouble, consult a Chiang Mai Thai Visa Service such as SANS to act as your visa concierge and just sit back and we’ll take care of you.


What to Know About Getting Thai Marriage Visa in Chiang Mai

If you want to get a marriage visa in Thailand, you should first review some of the requirements and learn a bit about the process.  Each immigration office in Thailand will enforce the rules slightly different and Chiang Mai immigration is no exception.

If you are planning to live in Chiang Mai You will also find that over time you will become familiar with some of the immigration officials handling your marriage visa processing and as a result the the entire process becomes easier and easier each year should you continue to renew.


What is the Cost of a Marriage Visa in Thailand?

The actual cost of acquiring a marriage visa in Thailand is like many other visa types, quite minimal.  The visa processing fees are only approximately 2, 000 thb for a single entry marriage visa and 5, 000 thb for a multiple entry visa.  And the Thai marriage visa can be renewed each year in Thailand with the local immigration office.

This limited fee for getting a marriage visa in Thailand, like other Thai visa types, does not include the required proof of income. And of course it does not factor in the cost associated with travel, research and the time and energy it will take to complete all of the steps.


What Do I Need to Qualify for a Marriage Visa in Chiang Mai?

Here is a basic list of what you need to qualify for a marriage visa to live long term in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  1. Valid passport
  2. Legally married to a Thai national
  3. Copy of Thai national’s ID
  4. Copy of Thai nationals house papers (Tabian Ban)
  5. Copy of map to your shared home
  6. Copy of photos of house, you and spouse in house and in front of house
  7. Thai marriage registration document (Kor Ror 2)
  8. Thai marriage certificate (Kor Ror 3) or (Kor Ror 22 – if married abroad)
  9. Ban statement showing 400, 000 thb in Thai Bank Account for minimum of 2 months
  10. Or proof of income of at least 40, 000 thb
  11. Completed Thai Marriage Visa application


What is the Required Proof of Funds for a Thailand Marriage Visa

The current Chiang Mai Immigration requirements state that you must provide proof of the following financial status to receive a Thai Marriage Visa.

  • Official bank statements of not less than 400, 000 thb in your Thai bank account
  • OR official bank statements proving income of 40, 000 thb per month and
  • A sworn affidavit from your consulate or embassy to attest to your income

If you are struggling to show the required assets in a local Thai bank account due to the structure of your investments, you can request a discretionary loan from your Thai Visa Agent.  This is currently permitted on an individual basis depending upon the which Thai Immigration Office you use.

Ask how SANS Visa Service can help with your proof of funds for your marriage visa in Chiang Mai.


Will Chiang Mai Immigration Visit My Home?

Yes.  It is extremely likely that Chiang Mai Immigration will come to your home to interview you and your Thai spouse to verify the authenticity of the marriage.  There had been a spate of high profile cases in the past featured in the local press of Thailand immigration officials uncovering scam marriages set up for visa purposes. Subsequently Immigration has stepped up enforcement of the Non-O Marriage Visa.


How Long Does it Take to Get a Marriage Visa?

The process of applying and getting a marriage visa in Thailand can vary considerably based upon the schedule of the local immigration office and your ability to obtain all of the necessary documents.  This includes whether you already entered Thailand on a Non-O.

It should take approximately 1-2 months to completion of the process without the assistance of a Thai Visa Service if all of your documents are already in order.


Can I Work on a Thai Marriage Visa?

Yes.  If you are hired by a legal entity in Thailand that qualifies to hire a foreign national, you are eligible for a work permit in Thailand.  Once you obtain your work permit, you are legally authorized to work in Thailand.


How to Get a Marriage Visa in Chiang Mai By Yourself

Here are the necessary steps to get your Non-O Marriage Visa by yourself.

  1. Carefully research all of the rules and regulation surrounding the Thailand marriage visa
  2. Ask around regarding local immigration rules for restrictions
  3. Get official copy of requisite bank statements
  4. Obtain official affidavit from embassy or consulate proving required fund
  5. Get a copy of Kor Ror 2, Kor Ror 3 or Kor Ror 22
  6. Get copy of Thai spouse ID
  7. Get copy of Thai spouse House Registration
  8. Get copy of map to shared home
  9. Obtain required photos
  10. Check for basic Non-O requirements such as number of valid days left on passport etc.
  11. Complete and submit current marriage visa application and submit to the relevant immigration office in Thailand
  12. Submit 90 day every 3 months
  13. Renew marriage visa every year


How to Get a Thai Marriage Visa with SANS

At SANS Chiang Mai Visa Service, our goal is to make your Thai marriage visa application process so easy you can’t imagine doing it any other way.

  1. Sign up for SANS marriage visa service
  2. Provide your private visa agent assigned to you with each of the documents they request
  3. Relax as we handle everything for you

Find out how a SANS Visa Agent can help you get your marriage visa in Chiang Mai while skipping all of the difficult and tedious steps.  We do the messy part for you, so you can do what you love.


Other ways SANS Chiang Mai Visa Service Can Help


If you have any suggestions or ideas for topics concerning getting a Marriage Visa in Thailand, or would like to contact SANS to learn more about out our Chiang Mai Visa Service,  please leave us a message or leave a comment.

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