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Retirement Visa

How to Get a Retirement Visa in Chiang Mai

For anyone lucky enough to be retired and financially secure enough to live abroad, a Retirement Visa in Chiang Mai, Thailand might be for you. You will however, first need to meet a few conditions and take all of the the necessary steps.  The benefits of living in Chiang Mai during all or part of your retirement may include cost of living, weather, culture, food and for some love.

To successfully apply for a Thai visa to retire and live in Chiang Mai, it is best to do your homework. And if possible hire a Chiang Mai Thai Visa Service such as SANS to expedite the entire visa application process.


What to Know About a Thai Retirement Visa in Chiang Mai

If you want to retire in Chiang Mai you should first review some of the requirements and learn a bit about the process.  It should also be noted that the rules can vary from one Thai immigration office to another.  This is why, if you plan to retire in Chiang Mai,  it may be beneficial to consider processing your initial application through the Chiang Mai Immigration Office.

It is also important to watch out for sudden new rule changes and updates that may make the application process more challenging or possibly even easier.

Pro Tip: When you get your bank statement at your local Thai bank, request a letter verifying account details from bank as well.

What is the Cost of a Thai Retirement Visa in Chiang Mai?

The actual out of pocket cost of getting a retirement visa in Chiang Mai is a nominal visa application fee of approximately 2,000 thb and the cost of a qualifying health insurance plan.

This bare bones cost does not however include any assistance from a Thai Visa Consultant which ranges from 35, 000 thb – 45, 000 thb .

It also requires you take all of the necessary steps to apply and maintain the visa on your own rather than just handing it over to a visa agent to do it for you.

What Do I Need to Qualify for a Retirement Visa in Chiang Mai?

Check out the following list to see what you need to qualify for a retirement visa to live long term in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  1. You must be 50 years old and up
  2. Police clearance
  3. Health insurance
  4. Medical certificate
  5. Proof of funds

What is the Required Proof of Funds for a Thai Visa to Retire in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The current Chiang Mai Thai Immigration requirements state that you must provide proof of the following financial status to receive a Thai Retirement Visa.

  • Official bank statements of not less than 800, 000 thb in your Thai bank account
  • OR official bank statements proving income of 65, 000 thb per month and a sworn affidavit from your consulate or embassy to attest to your income
  • OR official bank statements that show a combination of both income and savings totaling 800, 000 thb

While not technically a cost, these additional financial requirements may be an impediment for some retirees considering a long stay in Thailand. Your temporary inability to use these funds might be unworkable.  Or your assets may be tied up in investments.

One solution to this problem is to request a discretionary loan from your Thai Visa Agent.  This is currently permitted on an individual basis depending upon the which Thai Immigration Office you use.

Find out how SANS Visa Service can help with your proof of funds for your retirement in Chiang Mai.

What is the Health Insurance Requirement to Get a Thai Retirement Visa?

The health insurance requirement for a Non-O retirement visa in Chiang Mai is as follows.

  • 40, 000 thb Out Patient Coverage
  • 400, 000 thb In-Patient Coverage

For additional information on whether your health insurance plan qualifies, please contact your Thai Visa Consultant.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Retirement Visa?

It should take no more than one month from start to finish to process with a local Thai Visa Service.  This is contingent upon your ability to easily provide each of the above requirements.  Completion of the process without the assistance of a Thai Visa Service may also delay the process by another one or two months.

Can I Work on a Thai Retirement Visa?

No. At this time you are not permitted to work while on a retirement visa in Thailand.


How to Get your Retirement Visa in Chiang Mai By Yourself

Here are the steps to get your Non-O Retirement Visa by yourself.

  1. Carefully research all of the rules and regulation surrounding the retirement visa for Thailand
  2. Research individual embassy, consulate and local immigration rules for restrictions
  3. Get official copy of requisite bank statements
  4. Get official letter from bank verifying account/statement and ownership is accurate
  5. Obtain official affidavit from embassy or consulate proving required funds
  6. Apply for requisite health insurance coverage from qualifying provider
  7. Request police check
  8. Complete medical certification process
  9. Take appropriate 4cm x 6cm photos from last 6 months
  10. Complete and submit current retirement visa application to the relevant embassy or immigration office in Thailand
  11. Include photocopies of all passport pages, visa stamp, departure card, TM 30 card & 90 day report
  12. Submit 90 day report to immigration every three months


How to Get a Thai Retirement Visa with SANS

At SANS Visa Service in Chiang Mai, our mission is to make your Thai visa application process smooth and effortless.

  1. Sign up for SANS Chiang Mai Retirement Visa Service
  2. Send us each of the documents we request
  3. Sit back and wait for your visa to retire in Thailand

Find out how a SANS Visa Agent can help you retire in Chiang Mai and also avoid all of the long and arduous process of applying.  We do the heavy lifting for you, so you can enjoy your life.

Other ways SANS Chiang Mai Visa Service Can Help



If you have any suggestions or ideas for topics concerning getting a Thai Retirement Visa, or would like to contact SANS to learn more about out our Chiang Mai Thai Visa Service,  please feel free to send us a message or leave a comment.



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