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Non B Visa Chiang Mai

How to Get a Non B Visa in Chiang Mai

Getting a Thai Business Visa in Chiang Mai is not as simple as it used to be, though it is still a fairly straight forward process for anyone intending to establish a Thai company or work as an employee in Thailand.  The official term for a Business Visa in Thailand is a Non Immigrant B Visa or as it is known locally – Non B.

Technically the Non-B Thai Visa classification used for an employee “work” visa is the same as that obtained if you are the Director/Owner of a Thai company.  The process of qualifying and getting the Non Immigrant B for simple employment vs. Thai company establishment are however not the same.

What to Know Before Getting Your Non B Visa

The first thing to know is that the initial part of the process for getting a Thai (Non B) Business Visa is not the same if you are applying from abroad vs. within Thailand.  There is also a wide difficulty gab depending on whether you are you are using a Chiang Mai Visa Service or doing it all on your own.

How to Apply for a Non Immigrant B Visa From Your Home Country/Abroad

Applying through a Thai embassy in your home country or somewhere else in the world can sometimes actually be easier than applying in Thailand. This is because once you are in Thailand, your particular visa type can restrict your ability to switch to another visa type.  It can also a benefit you because you will not waste the valuable limited time on a rapidly expiring visa taking this first step.

One downside to applying from your home country is that the policies of each individual Thai embassy around the world differs – based on politics and what at times seems to be the whim of the officials stationed there.  Stories abound of some Thai embassies being notoriously strict while others are extremely friendly.  Of course, nationality also plays a role.

It should also be noted that not all Thai embassies around the world will process a (Non-B) Business Visa requests for non-residents of the country where the Thai embassy is located.  Sometimes this is also based on the nationality of the applicant. Therefore, applications from abroad for some nationalities can only be completed at a Thai embassy in their home country.

Applying for a (Non B) Business Visa From Thailand

If you already reside in Thailand, there are restrictions for switching visas based on which type of Thai Visa you currently have.

Not all Thai visa types can be easily switched to another type.  If you don’t want to exit Thailand and prefer to complete step A-Z in country, you will first need to determine if it is possible to switch from your current visa – and the appropriate steps.  To determine if it is possible, contact the local Chiang Mai Immigration Office or a local visa agency for more information.


Getting a Non B Visa in Chiang Mai for Work

If you are offered employment in Chiang Mai with the promise of a Non B Visa, the process and hopefully all of the expenses are usually handled by the company.  If the employer is a registered educational institution, even better as certain parts of the process can be expedited.

If your employer requires you to take the lead in getting your (Non B) Business Visa, you will first need to make sure you have everything you need before starting down the long and winding road toward getting your Non Immigrant B Visa in Chiang Mai.


What Do I Need to Get a Non Immigrant B Visa for Work in Chiang Mai?

The following is a list of requirements and documents that should put you well on your way toward getting your (Non B) Business Visa to work in Chiang Mai.  It is possible that other documents may be requested and some documents may not be needed.

  1. Passport and copies valid for (1 ) year with at least (4) blank pages
  2. Job offer from legal Thai company with:
    • 2 million baht of “declared” capital per foreign employee
    • Minimum of (4) Thai employees registered and paying social security for at least the last 3 months
  3. A signed and dated letter of invitation from your future employer on company letterhead and preferably stamped with company stamp showing:
    • Position
    • Salary
    • Contract
    • Duties
  4. Employment contract signed and dated – if requested – showing:
    • Position
    • Salary
    • Contract
    • Duties
  5. Visa application form
  6. TM 30 residency form
  7. (2) (4cm x 6cm) passport photos taken within (6) months with white background
  8. Degree & transcripts – if requested
  9. Police background check – if requested
  10. Bank statement showing at least 20,000 baht – if requested
  11. List foreigners currently employed with future employer’s company, including:
    • Name
    • Nationality
    • Salary
    • Position
  12. Employer’s company license & registration information
  13. Employer’s tax registration
  14. Copy of company director’s Thai ID
  15. Map/Directions/Photo of company building, sign and work station
  16. Copy of your cancelled former work permit – if requested

PRO TIP: At the end of the first year and upon renewal of your second year in Chiang Mai, you will also need to show your paid PND receipts for minimum of last 3 months.  There are minimum salary requirements used to calculate this personal with holding tax based on the nationality of the foreigner.

Getting Non B Visa After Establishing a Thai Company

Establishing a Thai company in Chiang Mai requires an exhaustive list of requirements before an application for a Non Immigrant B Visa can be submitted.  Once your new Thai company is legally created you will then be required to hire the required (4) Thai employees, sign them up for social security and make payments for a minimum of (3) months before you can apply for your (Non B) Business Visa.

You will also be required to provide additional details in addition to the above list to the Labor Office, including:

  • Photos of employees together with you in front of business and official sign
  • Photos of employees together without you in front of business and sign
  • Photos of employees working
  • Photo of you working
  • Photo of you at desk


You will also be required to receive a visit from Chiang Mai Immigration.  During this visit, you will need to be present at the location of business with ALL (4) Thai employees.  If any one of the employees is not present, you may not receive your (Non B) Business Visa.


What is the Cost of Getting a Non Immigrant B Visa?

The cost of getting your Non Immigrant B Visa in Chiang Mai will include:

  • Visa Fees
    • Chiang Mai Immigration Single Entry  – Approximately 3, 000 thb
    • Multiple Entry Approximately 10, 000 thb
  • Labor Office Fees
    • Approximately 3,000 thb 1st year (12) months
    • Approximately 6,000 thb 2nd year (24) months
  • Medical Certificate
    • Approximately 400 thb


Chiang Mai Single Entry (Non B) Business Visa

A Single Entry Non B Visa is just what it sounds like.  You are given only one entry into Thailand.  If you wish to travel during the year-long length of the Non B Visa, you can still purchase unlimited additional entry stamps at the Chiang Mai Immigration Office as needed.

Chiang Mai Multiple Entry Non Immigrant B Visa

Getting a Multiple Entry Non-B Visa at the time of your initial application means you can come and go as much as you please with out the need to purchase any additional entries from Chiang Mai Immigration.  The initial application fee is approximately 200 USD and may or may not be accepted at the time of your application.

While the above costs may seem quite low and differ vastly from what a local Thai Visa Agency will quote you – there is a reason for this.  The above fees require you to do all of the heavy lifting.  You are responsible for the collating and submission of documents, running around to different government agencies and endless hours of waiting at Chiang Mai Immigration for appointments that may or may not prove fruitful.

Using a competent Chiang Mai Visa Service with connections at immigration guarantees you will only need to show up for previously scheduled appointments and avoid long waits and costly mistakes.


Can I Work for More than One Thai Company?

You can now work for more than one company at another location using a single Thai work permit but arrangements must be made to indicate this on the work permit.  This means visiting the Chiang Mai Labor Office to submit another application and pay a fee.


How Long Does My Business Visa Last?

The initial length of the Thai Non B Visa obtained with your invitation letter and application is 90 days.  The intention behind the issuance of the initial (3) month Non B Visa is to allow you to complete all of the required steps necessary, including obtaining your work permit, in order to apply for the full (1) year Non Immigrant B Visa.

Can My Spouse Get On My (Non B) Business Visa?

Yes.  You may have heard this referred to as a “follow visa” but technically it is called a Thai Dependent Visa.  In order to successfully process a follow visa for your spouse you will need a legal marriage certificate.  You will also need to take your legal marriage document to your consulate in Chiang Mai to attest to its authenticity.  There will generally be a small fee, depending on your nationality.  In addition, you should submit the application for your spouses follow visa at Chiang Mai Immigration at the time you convert your 90 day Non B into the full (1 ) Year Non B Visa.

Can I Renew My Non B Visa in Chiang Mai?

Yes.  Annual renewal of your Non Immigrant B Visa in Chiang Mai is possible without leaving Thailand as long as all of your supporting documentation is in order.


How to Get a Non B Visa in Chiang Mai by Yourself?

It is entirely possible to complete the entire process of getting a Non B Visa in Chiang Mai by yourself.  Here are some of the steps necessary to complete the process.

  1. Collect all of the necessary documents listed above
  2. Download Non B application form from the Chiang Mai Immigration website or pick up in person
  3. Obtain approval application from the local Labor Office
  4. Submit application for approval letter to Chiang Mai Labor Office
  5. Pick up approval letter from Chiang Mai Labor Office
  6. Submit application request for initial 90 day Non B Visa with Chiang Mai Immigration
    • Include all necessary documents above requested including your approval letter from the Labor Office and fees
    • If you are already on another visa type, you will first need to take additional steps to request a visa switch
  7. Obtain medical exam for work permit & official medical letter
  8. Submit application to the Labor Office with requested documents including medical letter, approved 90 day contingent Non B Visa and fees
  9. Pick up work permit
  10. Set up appointment for visit from immigration officials to place of employment – if requested
  11. Submit final request for (1) year Non B Visa to Immigration with new work permit and fees
  12. Pick up final (1) year Non B Visa at Immigration


How to Get a Non B Visa in Chiang Mai with SANS?

  1. Request assistance from SANS Chiang Mai Visa Service to process your Non B Visa
  2. Wait for SANS Chiang Mai Visa Service to request documentation
  3. Meet your SANS Chiang Mai Visa Agent when requested to sign for your new Non B Visa and work permit


Other Ways SANS Chiang Mai Visa Service Can Help

SANS provides a wide range business and visa services in Chiang Mai for all of your Thai Visa needs.  Here are a few other types of Thai Visa issues SANS Visa Agents can help you with.


If you have any questions about getting a Thai Visa to live, work or study in Chiang Mai, contact SANSChiang Mai’s Most Trusted Visa Service.






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