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Religious Visa (R)

What is a Thailand Religious Visa (R)?

One lesser-known visa is the Thailand Religious Visa (R) for missionary and religious work. Like many of the other specialty visas for Thailand, the R Visa will receive extra scrutiny from the appropriate organizations within the Thai government. In the case of the Thai Religious Visa, you will need approval from the Department of Religion, within the Ministry of Culture.

Family members and spouses of R Visa holders will need to apply for a standard Thai O Visa.

Like the Media Visa (M) and Medical Visa MT, the approval process begins before the actual Non-Immigrant visa application is submitted.


How to Apply for a Religious Visa for Thailand?

As mentioned above, there is a pre-approval process required to get a Thai Non-Imm R Visa. Before submitting your Thai visa application, consult the following list for advice on additional steps to take.

  1. Invitation letter or an official letter from the religious organization (For example, the church, temple, etc.)
  2. Letter of approval from the Department of Religion of Thailand
  3. Authorization from the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs

If you require assistance completing the above steps, consider using a local visa service in Chiang Mai.

What is Needed to Apply for an R Visa in Chiang Mai?

If you are a religious worker and planning to apply for an R Visa to live and work in  Chiang Mai, Thailand, you will need the following supporting documents. These supporting documents are in addition to the standard requirements when applying for any other Non-Immigrant Visa for Thailand.

  • Invitation from Thai religious organization
  • Letter of approval from Thai Department of Religion
  • Letter of approval from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (If Requested)


Can SANS Visa Service help Get Your R Visa?

If you or your religious organization would prefer to outsource the entire process of obtaining your R Visa, SANS can help.

SANS is a solutions-based business services company in Chiang Mai specializing in Thai immigration and labor-related issues. In short, procuring Thai visas for our clients is what we do. And we have been doing it longer and better than any other visa service in Chiang Mai.

If you qualify for an R Visa in Thailand, SANS can get it for you.


Other Ways SANS Visa Service can Help

SANS Visa Services in Chiang Mai is not limited to religious visas.  Check out some of the other Thai visa types we can assist you with.


Request a consult and find out why SANS is Chiang Mai’s most trusted visa agency.

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