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Media Visa

What is a Thailand Media Visa (M)?

To facilitate the entry of international members of the media into the kingdom, Thailand created a Media Visa (Category M). The Thailand M Visa is for anyone who would like to remain in Thailand for up to 90 days as a reporter, film producer, or journalist.


Who Qualifies for a Media Visa to Work in Thailand?

To qualify for a Thai Media Visa, an applicant must satisfy the following criteria.

  • Affiliation or employment by registered and reputable media organization
  • May not participate in work other than declared occupation while staying in Thailand
  • Produce 10 reports per year on Thailand or region
  • Background check free of public threats or police warrants
  • Clean visa record


PRO TIP: In addition to the above requirements, applications for Thai Media Visas are awarded at the discretion of the MFA.


How to Apply for an M Visa to Work in Chiang Mai

If you plan to get an M Visa to live and work in Chiang Mai, you must meet the above qualifications and take the following steps.


  1. Go to the MMOS website application
  2. Create new account and complete application
  3. Wait for MFA Department of Information to request appropriate Royal Thai Embassy to verify applicant with the media company’s HQ
  4. Wait for Royal Thai Embassy to schedule applicant interview
  5. Obtain Media Visa reference number
  6. Use Media Visa reference number to apply for M Visa with Royal Thai Consulate or Embassy
  7. After arrival in Thailand, log into MMOS account and upload copy of visa
  8. Obtain three accreditation letters via MMOS website
  9. Use accreditation letters to obtain work documents


Supporting Documents to Get a Thai M Visa

  • Valid passport (more than 6 months remaining)
  • Letter of reference from media entity HQ (to Director–General of the Department of Information,
  • MOF) confirming:
    • Applicants position
    • Applicants passport number
    • Details of work duties
    • Dates of assignment in Thailand
    • Visa request
    • Work permit or press card request
  • Applicants CV
  • Media company description
  • Proof of media company registration in Thailand or abroad
  • Employment contract
  • Clearance certificate from country of residence
  • Professional portfolio of applicant (containing last 10 projects)


Can SANS Visa Service Help Get Your M Visa?

If you’d like assistance applying for your Media Visa for Chiang Mai, ThailandSANS Visa Services are here to help.

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Other Ways SANS Can Help

SANS business services extend beyond Media Visas to include any type of Thai Visa assistance you might require. A few of our other visa services include:



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