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Thai Elite Visa

What is a Thai Elite Visa?

The government created the Thai Elite Visa to entice wealthy individuals to invest in Thailand. In exchange, they receive a long-term visa. The long-term Elite Visa comes with requirements, costs, and restrictions but is full of benefits.


What are the Benefits of a Thailand Elite Visa?

The benefits of this long visa are subjective and depend upon your individual or familial needs and budget.  If you are planning your retirement in Thailand, relocating your family for business, or seeking a base for your online work, this visa is for you.  More to the point, if your budget supports this move, you are the ideal candidate.

Other individuals like those with medical conditions, high profiles, or demanding careers will also benefit from the perks when entering and exiting the kingdom.


Some of the Elite Visa benefits include:

  • 5-year Multi-entry Visa (extendable up to 20 years)
  • Expedited Airport Immigration Services
    • Greeted on arrival by Elite Personal Assistant
    • Complimentary private electric shuttle pick up
    • Private passport processing counter
    • Free airport hotel transfer service (limo/round-trip)
    • Elite Lounge
  • Elite Visa Upgrades
    • Elite Easy Access
    • Elite Family Excursion
    • Elite Family Alternative
    • Elite Privilege Access
    • Elite Superiority Extension
    • Elite Ultimate Privilege
  • Can include family
  • Discounts on Shopping, Golf, Spa
  • Yearly medical checkup


How Do I Qualify for an Elite Visa to Thailand?

To qualify for a Thai Elite Visa, you must meet a few basic standards and pay the fee.  Further requirements will apply if you request an upgrade, such as the Elite Ultimate Privilege.  The following list highlights some of the most common requirements.

  1. Valid passport
  2. Thai Immigration check
  3. Police check
  4. Bankruptcy check
  5. Fee

How to Get an Elite Visa By Yourself

Applying for a Thai Elite Visa is made to be as simple as possible but can be confusing and tiresome.  If you wish to do it by yourself, you can review the steps below to guide you on your way.  It’s best to give yourself 2-3 months to complete the entire process


  1. Check for nationality restrictions
  2. Scan passport
    • sign every page
  3. Take passport photos and save them as a .jpg file
  4. Choose program
  5. Download application
    • print application
    • complete application
    • sign every page
    • scan application and required docs and send to:
  6. Apply
  7. Wait to receive approval letter (about 1 month)
  8. Pay Fee
  9. Receive ID Number & Instructions
  10. Check for any temporary restrictions related to Covid



How to Get an Elite Visa By with SANS

SANS Visa Services Chiang Mai is here to take care of your Thai Elite Visa application from start to finish, so you don’t waste your valuable time.  It’s just three easy steps.

  1. Contact SANS and request our assistance
  2. Provide your agent with the requested information and documents
  3. Use your time any way you want while we do the work for you


Other Ways SANS Visa Agents Can Help

SANS visa assistance is not just limited to Chiang Mai but is available anywhere in Thailand.  Here are a few other types of Thai Visas we can expedite for you.


Feel free to contact us and request an appointment with one of our visa agents and we will respond directly.  Also, look over our Thai company registration, recruitment, and accounting services if you are planning a business in Thailand.


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