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Visa Extension Chiang Mai

How to Get a Visa Extension in Chiang Mai

Getting a visa extension in Chiang Mai is a relatively simple affair and can easily be done on your own or with the help of a Chiang Mai Visa Service.

You don’t need an appointment and the appropriate forms can be collected after you arrive at the Immigration Office.


What to Know About a Thai Visa Extension in Chiang Mai

The primary type of visa extension in Chiang Mai is for a Tourist Visa or a Visa On Arrival, technically known as an exemption.  Both can be extended at the local Chiang Mai Immigration Office for a fee of 1900 thb.


Where Can I Apply for a Visa Extension in Chiang Mai?

Visa extensions in Chiang Mai are handled at the local Chiang Mai Immigration Office near the airport.  Be sure to check their website for holidays and hours of operation.


How Soon After I Arrive Can I Apply for a Visa Extension?

You can apply to extend your visa as soon as you arrive in Thailand.  You do not need to wait until the visa is about to expire before you apply for your extension.  In fact, it is best if you apply early in case there are any problems such as unforeseen holidays or unusually busy days at immigration that result in a need for you to return the next day.  In this case however you can often keep your queue number and return to your place in line the next day.


If I Apply for a Visa Extension Early, Will I Lose Days on My Visa?

No.  If you apply for your visa extension early, you will still be able to keep the remaining days on your existing Thai Visa.  The days you receive as a result of the extension will begin from the last day on your existing Thai Visa.


How Many Days Will I Receive From a Thai Visa Extension?

A visa on arrival can be extended only once for an additional 30 days for 1900 thb.  A tourist visa purchased at a Thai Embassy abroad prior to arrival can also be extended at Chiang Mai Immigration for an additional 30 days for a total of 90 days.

If the tourist visa is a Multi-entry Tourist Visa, you may leave Thailand before the 90 days expires and re-enter the country to receive another 60 days from the date of departure.  You can then apply for one more 1900 thb/ 30-day extension at Chiang Mai Immigration for 6 months in total.

PRO TIP : You must apply for the Multi-entry Tourist Visa rather than the Single Entry Tourist Visa when you apply for your original Thai Tourist Visa prior to arrival.  You cannot apply for a Multi-entry Tourist Visa after you arrive in Thailand.  The Multi-entry Tourist Visa is also more expensive than a single entry visa.


Do I Need to Appear In-Person at Immigration to Extend My Visa?

Yes.  You will need to visit the Chiang Mai Immigration office in-person to obtain a Thai Visa Extension.


What Do You Need to get a Thai Visa Extension?

In order to get an extension of your Thai Visa , you will need the following list of documents.

  • Passport with valid visa stamp or copy of official electronic visa receipt
  • Completed visa extension application
  • Photo copy of front page of passport signed
  • Photo copy or print out of visa signed
  • Photo copy of departure card signed
  • 1 x passport photo
  • Photo copy of TM 30 Card signed
  • Local address where you are currently staying
  • 1900 thb fee



How to Get a Visa Extension in Chiang Mai By Yourself

If you want to get a Visa Extension at Chiang Mai Immigration by yourself, follow the steps below.  Before you arrive at Chiang Mai Immigration, you will want to secure your TM 3o Card from the owner of your residence or the staff at the hotel or guest house where you are staying. Pro tip: bring snacks and water….it coulf be all day.

  1. Landlord/Hotel/Guesthouse registers you for TM 30 prior to arrival
  2. Show up at Chiang Mai Immigration early
  3. Take a queue number at entrance for forms check
  4. Grab your visa extension application documents near forms check waiting area
  5. Get TM 30 form in building to the right of immigration office
  6. Make copies of front page in passport, visa page/stamp, departure card & TM 30 across from immigration office
  7. Sign all photo copies
  8. Take photo prior to arrival or across the street from immigration office
  9. Complete extension application and sign
  10. Wait for queue number to be called and have forms checked
  11. Receive new queue number
  12. Head inside immigration office building and submit new queue number
  13. Receive numbered paper slip
  14. Wait (maybe several hours) for your number to be called
  15. Submit application with passport, copies and photo etc.
  16. Wait for your name to be called
  17. Have your picture taken by immigration officials
  18. Pay 1900 thb fee
  19. Receive Visa Extension


How to Get a Visa Extension in Chiang Mai with SANS

If you don’t want to risk spending the entire day or possibly two at Chaing Mai immigration, SANS Chiang Mai Visa Service will take care of everything for you.

  1. Ask for assistance from SANS Chiang Mai Visa Service
  2. Supply requested information and documents to your SANS Chiang Mai Visa Agent
  3. Meet you visa agent for your scheduled appointment as they extend your visa at Chiang Mai Immigration for you


Other ways SANS Chiang Mai Visa Service Can Help

SANS Chiang Mai Visa Service is a full service visa agency in Chiang Mai for all of your Thai Visa needs.  We handle everything for you so you can relax.

Here are a few of our other Visa Services in Chiang Mai that we offer to make your life easier.



SANS Chiang Mai Visa Service is a visa service you can trust – contact us and we will take care of everything for you.

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