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Thai Tourist Visa

What to Know About a Thai Tourist Visa

Getting a Thai Tourist Visa to visit Thailand is historically a painless and inexpensive process, despite recent restrictions enacted due to Covid. Anyone anticipating a longer stay in the kingdom can apply.  If you are considering applying for a Thai Tourist Visa, you should know that the free 30-day on-arrival exemption can easily be extended at Chiang Mai Immigration for only 1900thb.  You should also know that you can apply at any time after arrival – without losing any days from your original 30 days.

This means you can enjoy a 60-day holiday in Chiang Mai without applying for a Tourist Visa before departing for Thailand.  This is of course if your country of origin qualifies for the 30-day on arrival exemption.  At the time of writing this, it also means first applying for a Thailand Pass and purchasing the requisite medical insurance.

These newer entry hurdles are often debated and will likely morph or be eliminated entirely in the future.  Incentives such as 45 days on arrival are also being discussed as ways to increase tourism – and so keep an eye out for changes.


Who Should Apply for a Thai Tourist Visa?

If 60 days (30 days on arrival exemption + 30 days extension) is not enough time in Thailand, you may want to consider applying for a Tourist Visa thru a Thai Embassy before your departure.  Depending on how long you plan to stay in the kingdom, you should apply for either a single-entry or a multi-entry visa.

Single Entry Tourist Visa

A Thai Single Entry Visa grants you:

  • 60 days on arrival
  • The ability to extend at the Chiang Mai Immigration office for an additional 30 days
  • The cost is 1900 thb for the first 60 days
  • The additional 30-day extension at Chiang Mai Immigration will cost an additional 1900 thb
  • Total of 3, 800 thb = 90 days

To qualify for a Thai Tourist Visa, you will must provide the following:

  • Valid passport with at least (2) pages remaining
  • At least (6) months of validity from time of departure.
  • Thai Tourist Visa application
  • One 4 x 6 cm photo
  • Proof of income ( 20, 000 thb per person & 40, 000 thb per family)
  • Proof of accommodation for arrival date
  • Paid in full round trip ticket
  • 1900 thb fee

*Note: Exact amount charged by individual embassies may differ slightly depending upon exchange rates.


Multi-entry Tourist Visa

If you would like to stay in Chiang Mai for more than the 90 days offered by a Single Entry Tourist Visa, you should apply for a Multi-Entry Tourist Visa.  The benefit of the Multi-Entry Tourist Visa is the ability to further extend your stay for an additional 90 days.  The only catch is that you must leave the country and re-enter at the end of the first 90 days.

Typically, this would entail either a quick van ride over the border to Laos, Cambodia, or Malaysia.  Given the current restrictions on border crossings, you should check to determine whether you can cross at your desired location.

Alternatively, you can get a cheap flight to Singapore, Ho Chi Min, or Kuala Lumpur before your Multi-Entry Visa expires and return to activate the next 60-day entry.

  • Enter on 60 day Multi-entry Tourist Visa  1,900 thb
  • Extend for 30 additional days at Chiang Mai Immigration (any time during your stay) 1. 900 thb
  • Total 90 Days = 3, 800 thb
  • Depart Thailand before 90 days is up
  • Re-enter with another 60 days
  • Extend for 30 additional days at Chiang Mai Immigration (any time during your stay) 1, 900 thb
  • Total 180 days = 5, 700 thb + (in and out flight or bus)


The qualifications for a Multi-entry Tourist Visa are the same as a Single Entry Tourist Visa.

How to Get a Tourist Visa Extension Chiang Mai By Yourself

To apply for a Thai Tourist Visa Extension at Chiang Mai Immigration by yourself, check out the following instructions.

  1.  Head to Chiang Mai immigration near the airport
  2. Check holiday schedule before departure
  3. Plan your extension well before the last day on your visa – you won’t lose any days on your visa
  4. Bring passport with visa sticker (if e-visa bring printed receipt)
  5. Bring copies of passport main page and Tourist Visa page
  6. Sign all copies
  7. Bring completed application (or fill out after arrival at immigration)
  8. Bring (2) 4×6 cm photos
  9. Find line for no appointment document check
  10. Get documents approved
  11. Submit documents for approval
  12. Wait to be called
  13. Pay 1900 thb
  14. Wait to be called to pick up passport
  15. Check stamp to confirm accuracy of new visa dates

If 180 days is still not enough to cover your stay in Thailand, you may want to consider looking into a Chiang Mai ED Visa.  The Non-Ed Visa is an opportunity to spend one year at a time in Chiang Mai while studying Thai, massage, Muay Thai, etc.

How to Get a Tourist Visa Extension Chiang Mai with SANS

If you can’t be bothered to apply for a Tourist Visa extension a Chiang Mai Immigration and you don’t mind paying someone else to do it for you, SANS Chiang Mai Visa Services can help.

To get a Tourist Visa extension with SANS:

1.  Contact SANS

2. Provide SANS Visa Agent with necessary documents and fee

3.  Enjoy your time in Chiang Mai


Other Ways SANS Can Help


SANS Chiang Mai Service provides a full range of assistance for all visa types as well as Thai company registration and accounting. Other Thai Visa services SANS can help you with include:



Contact SANS so we can tell you how easy your life will be with assistance from our Chiang Mai Visa Services.

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