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Dependent Visa Chiang Mai

How to Get a Dependant Visa in Chiang Mai

Getting a Dependent Visa in Chiang Mai is probably one of the least understood and underutilized types of Thai visa’s offered at the Chiang Mai Immigration Office.  In order to get this Non-Immigrant O type of Thai Visa, you need to be married or the child of a foreigner with either a Retirement Visa or a Non-B Visawork permit.

When you apply for your Dependent Visa in Chiang Mai, timing is everything and SANS can help. If you have the resources but not the time, consider our Chiang Mai Visa Service and we will take care of the grinding paperwork and exhausting bureaucracy for you.


What to Know About Getting a Dependent Visa

A Dependent Visa is a simple way of providing a spouse or child of a long-term visa holder with a Non O Visa to live in Chiang Mai.  The Dependent Visa is also sometimes referred to as a Non O Child Visa when used by a parent to acquire a visa for their child.  You must have documentation in the form of a valid marriage certificate to verify the legality of your marriage to the long-term visa holder.  If you are attempting to get a Dependent Visa for your child, you will need a valid birth certificate.


What is the Cost of a Dependent Visa in Thailand?

The base fee at Chiang Mai Immigration is 1900 thb to apply for the Dependent Visa.


What Do I Need to Qualify for a Dependent Visa in Chiang Mai?

Before you qualify for a Dependent Visa in Chiang Mai you will need to first be either married or the child of a long-term Non B or Non O Retirement Visa holder.

  1. Valid passport (including Dependent)
  2. Valid Non O Retirement Visa or Non B Visa
  3. Work Permit (if Non B Visa)
  4. Copy of Marriage Certificate OR Child’s Birth Certificate
  5. Affidavit of Authenticity from your consulate for marriage or birth certificate


PRO TIP:  If you plan to apply for a Non B and add your Dependent at the same time, you should ensure there is an adequate amount of time on the Dependent’s current Thai Visa.  You will find that getting your original Non B can take some time. When you take your final step in getting your Non B, you will apply to add the Dependent Visa for your spouse or child.

Is there a Required Proof of Funds for a Thai Dependent Visa?

No.  There is no required proof of funds to qualify for a Dependent Visa.  There is, however, a proof of funds requirement for the Retirement Visa and proof of salary for the Non B Visa.

If you need assistance showing proof of funds for your Retirement Visa, Ask how SANS Chiang Mai Visa Service can help.


How Long Does it Take to Get a Dependent Visa?

You will need to time your application for a Dependent Visa with your steps of applying for the Retirement or Non B Visa if you don’t already have it.  When you submit your Non B or Retirement Visa for final approval, you will add the Dependent Visa holder to the application.  Therefore, the length of time it takes to get the Dependent Visa will depend upon the timing of the original Non B or Retirement Visa.

You should be able to complete the actual Dependent Visa Application at immigration in just one day. That means, if you already have your long-term visa, you can complete the addition of a Dependent fairly quickly.


Can I Work on a Dependent Visa?

No.  You are not permitted to work on a Dependent Visa.


How to Get a Dependent in Chiang Mai Visa By Yourself

Getting a Dependent Visa by yourself in Chiang Mai will require the following steps:

  1. Obtain Non B Visa and Work Permit or Retirement Visa
  2. Photocopy passport, visa, work permit, TM 30, TM 6 (Departure Card), 90 Day Report & sign
  3. Take passport photo
  4. Photocopy passport of Dependent & sign
  5. Take passport photos of the Dependent
  6. Submit final application in last step of either Retirement Visa or (1) Year Non B Visa if applicable
  7. Include Dependent Visa request details in the final application


How to Get a Dependent Visa with SANS

With our local visa services we will make your Dependent Visa application process so smooth you’ll be bragging to all of your friends.

  1. Sign up for SANS Chiang Mai Dependent Visa Service
  2. Provide the visa consultant assigned to you with each of the documents they request
  3. Relax as we handle everything for you

Find out how SANS Chiang Mai Visa Services can help you get your Dependent Visa without all of the pain and tears.  We do the dirty work, so you can keep doing whatever makes you happy.


Other ways SANS Chiang Mai Visa Service Can Help



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