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BOI Visa

What is a BOI Visa?

In Thailand, a BOI Visa is just one of the benefits of BOI Status.  BOI Status is assigned by the Thailand Board of Investments to qualifying applications from established or establishing Thai companies   Thai companies vie for this status despite the time, expense and struggle – to take advantage of the many benefits.

To qualify, a legally established Thai company is asked to meet a variety of specific metrics including the amount of capital investment and type business activity.

The Thai government is looking for viable companies that will benefit the country.  They favor economics as well as developing, supporting or protecting specific industries.


What are the Benefits of a BOI Visa?

The BOI Visa is just one of the many perks of qualifying for BOI Status such as;

  • Tax incentives
  • Reductions in import duties
  • Special deductions
  • Fewer restrictions on hiring foreign employees


The foreign employee will also see fewer requirements for renewal of the visa and associated work permit.


Find out More About Qualifying for a Thai BOI Visa

If you are looking for assistance applying for BOI Status, we don’t recommend you do it yourself.  You should carefully research Thai Business Consultants in Thailand and find an organization that meets your needs.


Will I Need Special Accounting Services?

We recommend hiring an accounting service with experience handling Thai BOI Companies.  If you want more information on SANS BOI Accounting Services, contact us, and we will show you what we can do.


Other Ways SANS Can Help You

If you require accounting services, company registration, or assistance with one of the Thai Visa types listed below, try SANS.  We are the most trusted business services organization in Chiang Mai, Thailand.



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